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Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil
BELISA - DON PERLIMPLIN omaggio a Bruno Maderna
Red/ White Queen
Cirque du Soleil
Red/White Queen



Moira acts, dances, sings. Even high above ground, upside down. Or in a recording studio, doing voice-overs. Or in five different languages. Because she loves all her skills equally, and combines them flawlessly.


In 2022 she joins Cirque du Soleil for the National Day in Saudi Arabia, as a Main Character combining singing acting and acrobatics. A Show directed by Simone Ferrari and Lulu Helbaek with whom she previously collaborated in the role of “The Red / White Queen” in the nouveau cirque Show “Alice! In Wonderland” 2021/2022.

She staged at BAM in New York, at the Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, in Moscow, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, and more.. with the prestigious Compagnia Finzi Pasca, during the past decade.


She choreographed the dance scene for Rupert Everett’s 2016 movie "The Happy Prince".


Chicago, Cabaret, S’Dschungelbuech, D’Schatzinsle, Supermarket Ladies, Cabaret. Until today, since graduating from the Musical Academy in Munich (D) she played roles in german and swiss musical productions.


It’s at the age of 6 that Moira got a taste for what would become more then a passion:

as an artistic gymnast.

April 12th - 13th - 14th 2024

A single man. On a ship, stranded in the ice of a Greenland fjord. Around white, in its thousands of shades. The three people he still has contact with are his wife, with whom he has a particular relationship, his father and an Inuit hunter. All three live in a small village five hours' walk away, beyond the fjord, beyond the pack ice. They, and the small community of the village, call him Qivittoq (a spirit best to stay away from).
February this year. She has a problem, she needs Him. She searches for Him, desperate. But for the first time in years the ice floe cannot hold and He cannot reach it. She commits suicide. He goes crazy. While the world debates the effects of the climate crisis, their world has melted and disappeared.

By Flavio Stroppini
With Moira Albertalli and Massimiliano Zampetti

Screenshot 2024-01-14 alle 11.22.53.png

July 11th - August 7th 2024

Revolution in the kingdom of the gods

Director Simon Engeli has in mind the classic course of many revolutions, whose spirit of optimism is stifled by the greed for power of individuals - what follows is the next dictatorship. Pyrotechnics, puppet shows, heart-touching live music - and a lot of humor.

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